Monthly Archives: September 2000

shiraz, iran

Just a quick note to say hi and all is well. I’m in Shiraz and, yeah, the grapes are all they’re cracked up to be (not to mention the most amazing fresh dates the world over). I’m really really loving Iran—it’s one of the most amazing places I’ve ever been. I wish I had time to tell a few stories.

I saw Xerxes tomb this morning. Persepolis too (center of the Persian Empire built circa 500 B.C.E.). Excellent! Unfortunately, after just having spent an hour waiting for a computer while watching four different men type furiously with two fingers, I have about two minutes until I have to meet the group. I must say that I am a bit tired as I haven’t had a day (an hour?) off since before the Ovyind and Gunda tour back in July.

I’m shooting more film here and getting anxious to see some of it. And tired of worrying about its safety. Half of it is sitting in Gulnara’s fridge back in Tashkent.

Man I wish I could write a full sentence.

More with time and hopefully rest, 
(Insha’allah for sure)

uzbek independence day

It’s Uzbek Independence Day and I’m wondering how they are. It’s always a time of havoc there (09.01) and even more so this year. Hmmmmf.

This morning we went up into the tea-kettle tripod for a view of the city and up at the top there was another Cranberries tune playing (I think it was anyway). I’m not sure I’ve heard Britney Spears even once here. Is it possible?

We cross into Iran tomorrow.

Let’s pray that the Captain behaves himself.