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film list 2000

Going through old things that sit in my mind (apartment, hard drive), not as far back as I’d like. There are photos, journals, & disc upon well-organized disc of .pdf’s, .jpg’s & .gif’s. Favorite prints and chromes that could be scanned, & at least two projects unfinished. Should I do it? Should I find time to do it or should I just let it all go? Can I?

My preferred catharsis is writing now anyway. Perhaps I should let this all go. Get rid of the cameras, and all the stuff. Organized stuff, but still, it’s stuff.

This image is from a journal of info I kept on tour, long ago. The same journal that the bulk thoughts writing came from. I’m going through old things, trying to clean up the site, and found this, my record of films I shot in Iran. (Ah, no, I don’t recommend Kodak Gold, however I ran out of print film and had to buy some there.)

While I’m content, at present, with my slightly settled life, I’ve got friends (e.g. oushi za bratishka) on the road, and it makes me wistful and jealous. The summer always brings me flashbacks to moments abroad in hot places. Good people. & watermelon.

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last sunday

FLYING by Mary Oliver

on a plane,
you see a stranger.
He is so beautiful!
His nose
Going down in the
old Greek way,
or his smile
a wild Mexican fiesta.
You want to say:
do you know how beautiful you are?
You leap up
into the aisle,
you can’t let him go
until he has touched you
shyly, until you have rubbed him,
oh, lightly,
like a coin
you find on the earth somewhere
shining and unexpected and,
without thinking,
reach for. You stand there
by the strangeness,
the splash of his touch.
When he’s gone
you stare like an animal into
the blinding clouds
with the snapped chain of your life,
the life you know:
the deeply affectionate earth,
the familiar landscapes
slowly turning
thousands of feet below.

yes, she’s my obsession of late. it’s almost painful.
yes, mary. and last sunday.