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film list 2000Going through old things that sit in my mind (apartment, hard drive), not as far back as I’d like. There are photos, journals, & disc upon well-organized disc of .pdf’s, .jpg’s & .gif’s. Favorite prints and chromes that could be scanned, & at least two projects unfinished. Should I do it? Should I find time to do it or should I just let it all go? Can I?

My preferred catharsis is writing now anyway. Perhaps I should let this all go. Get rid of the cameras, and all the stuff. Organized stuff, but still, it’s stuff.

This image is from a journal of info I kept on tour, long ago. The same journal that the bulk thoughts writing came from. I’m going through old things, trying to clean up the site, and found this, my record of films I shot in Iran. (Ah, no, I don’t recommend Kodak Gold, however I ran out of print film and had to buy some there.)

While I’m content, at present, with my slightly settled life, I’ve got friends (e.g. oushi za) on the road, and it makes me wistful and jealous. The summer always brings me flashbacks to moments abroad in hot places. Good people. & watermelon.

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  1. Really? How so? I suppose such lists aren’t meant to be clear to anyone but their maker. I transfered it to an excel file so it is searchable (this is pre-tag era), but that only clears up the handwriting issue.

    Column 1: the date.

    Column 2: the film #. starts at 46 because it isn’t the beginning of the list. I circled the film #s when I had the films processed and returned as slides.

    Column 3: film type and speed. Provia 400, Superia 100, etc. I ran out of film and had to buy more in Tehran, hence the 100Gold. Not my usual choice.

    Column 4: What speed I shot the film. Photographers often shoot film at faster speeds because of low light or fast action, then push process it so it’s properly exposed. I was on my last films, so I shot some at slower speeds because it was bright and that was my only film left.

    Column 5: Where the film was shot. Yes, sometimes I spelled Isfahan with an I and sometimes with an E. It’s transliterated differently and it probably depended on the book I was reading at the time, which stuck in my head. What else was confusing? That I seemed to be traveling in circles? I was. I worked as a tour guide.

    Perhaps you should stick to astrophysics, Robert. (Or is it physics? I’ve forgotten.) 😉

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