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pigedit8Vancouver is really lovely. (Pig shot downtown at left.) Alys has put me up in what purports to be a trendy boutique hotel. It’s nice enough, but a bit strange. The showerhead comes straight out of the ceiling, at no angle. This looks cool, but it means that the water comes straight down on one’s head, and to get one’s figure wet, the head must be directly under stream as well. It’s unpleasant.

Alys is here from London shooting the Time Out Vancouver guide, and I’ve come to meet her and have a look around. We walked around town today shooting, her for the guide, me for fun. It was quite fun, too, as I saw stuff for her shoot list that we’d never have sought out as casual visitors. I haven’t shot a guide in about five years, and it’s more fun when it’s not my work. I probably won’t use the photos for anything, or look at them much after I do an edit (quick, before school starts) and post them, but it was great fun shooting with her. I wouldn’t have guessed it at all, given my odd relationship to my cameras of late. And it will be good fun to see her results when it’s published. She’s a brilliant photog and has really made a go of it. She was a PDN ‘one to watch’ this year.

(10/31/08 note: I didn’t get to it quick, before school started, and only 1.2 years later, have the pics finally been edited and posted.)

I love the city. It’s pretty and friendly and gorgeous. There’s a sense that the people here care about people, and I like that. I’d always heard it was lovely, but I thought it’d be Toronto lovely (small). The water and mountains and nature and city all feel vast and well-proportioned here. Many of the taxis are Prius hybrids. Very clever.

Setting up August seemed such a nightmare, but it’s worked out beautifully well on it’s own, in spite of my concerns and attempts to plan this and that, here and there. So much time spent with friends. So lucky.

Photos soon.

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