the sri lanka photos!

Finally! The first round of Sri Lanka photos are up. This slide show is the first of three or four to come.


Andrea took the photos of me, I took the rest. Most are taken around AshtangaLanka, aka Rocky Point. The rest (the cow pics) are at the next beach.


Still to come are more photos from around ashtangalanka and the nearby beaches, then the photos from the travels around Sri Lanka (which I’ve barely looked at much less edited). Enjoy!

3 thoughts on “the sri lanka photos!

  1. Such beautiful pictures, Coco! You and Andrea look quite at home there, all rested and relaxed.

    I love the cows on the beach too. I didn’t really understand the bit about your camera not working correctly, but they look great to me – the color contrast and just the sheer quirkiness of it. Well, maybe not so strange there, but I certainly never imagined cows on a beach.

    You both should seriously consider opening up your own yoga getaway on a beach somewhere. You can teach the classes and Andrea can keep the books. I’ll come and bring my fiddle 🙂

    1. Thank you, little rat! (I love that. An ’84 reference, right?)

      I actually have a series of pics of cows on the beach in India. Cows in Sri Lanka aren’t sacred, however, and not as prevalent. (Well, they are sacred to the Tamils, but in the south were this was taken, its mostly Sinhalese/Buddhist).

      Sounds like a plan! xoA

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