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Rawalpindi, Pakistan, 1999, print-to-flatbed scan
Scancafe comparison negative scan to come

My 5783 scans are done! I received the message a week early, so now, so much for the Sri Lanka photos and trip planning. I’ve got to wade through all these images before November 2 (in 14 days) to decide which I want and don’t want.

It isΒ amazing to see these images scanned. I’m going though the chromes (slides) first. It’s amazing to see them because many I’ve never seen larger than a 16x loupe. And, of course, to go back and see those images. Anything I haven’t digitized or printed hasn’t been seen in years. It’s like finding a stack of photo albums.

Other than being unable to sign into scancafe’s site (forgot password, and the retrieved password didn’t arrive in my inbox for >20 minutes, which was confusing as the site never verified that the password was sent), it’s fairly well organized thus far. Some of the images are much darker than the actual chrome, but only about 5% thus far, and I imagine I can fix those myself if I need to. Overall, it’s incredibly exciting.

The actual number of scans came back as 5783. My guesstimate was under by exactly 50. Wow, maybe I am neurotic. πŸ™‚ Scancafe allows you to scan all your images, but you only have to choose and pay for half of them. I was sure I had so many duds that I might not even want half. I’ve only been through 506 of them, and I’ve only managed to delete 136, or 26%. Oh heavens. Scancafe is smart to work it this way. Guess I’m out about $400 more than I’d estimated. Very worth it, though.

2 thoughts on “scancafe: your images are online and awaiting your review

  1. Thanks for sharing your experience. πŸ™‚ I’m a small local slide scanning business and was wondering how the pay for 50% model works out. I love the concept but worry about doing more work for free. Maybe if I raise my prices a little bit at the same time. I try not to compare myself with ScanCafe as I’m just one person and they are 100s in India… but I do follow their progress and even refer orders too large for me to handle to them.

  2. Hi Sara. Thanks for commenting. I checked out your blog/site and it looks great. Will comment further there when I’m through choosing these. I have only managed to go through ~500 per day so far, and I’m still at only 26% deletion, after day 2. I’m still happy with the quality thus far. There is an annoying thing which switches the image order around and cancels which have been marked for deletion within that folder, which wastes time and is REALLY annoying. But that’s the only complaint thus far. I’m about 2/3s of the way through the chromes.

    I still wonder about the working conditions of the scanners in Bangalore–I hope they are fairly paid. I might ask some of my friends from Bangalore and see if I can find anything out. Do a little investigative reporting. (Hey, it’s not that far from Mysore, if any Ashtangi readers are up for the trip!) πŸ™‚

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