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I want to clarify the last few posts on scancafe, and I’d planned to do this even before I was told I sounded whiney and was boring everyone with the scancafe stuff (probably including Kirigalpoththa. Apologies!). But I think consumer experience is important, especially when it’s something as important as preserving personal photos.  I started writing about the scancafe experience in August with the intent of sharing my experience all the way along. I don’t have the images back yet. I’m only able to see them online, in the format you see in the screenshot above (me, 1997).

As I mentioned in the comment to John, the scratches were on very old negs. I don’t think scancafe techs put them there, but they certainly didn’t clean them up, as their site says they do. Same for the thumbprint. That could easily have been cleaned. As for John’s job, if I had negs and images I couldn’t live without, I don’t think I’d send them to scancafe. And I didn’t send my medium format work. I thought I’d test them with this job first.

I’m exhausted by looking through all the pictures, which contributes to the mood. My deadline is Nov 2, next Monday, and 14 days total is not that much time to go through all 5,783 of them considering the format of the site. The pictures were numbered in order, but the folders aren’t in order. When I told customer service this, they told me I could rearrange the photos into folders. Because I can’t see what image is in what folder, this would take far too long. It’s just not worth the time. (S/he acknowledged that this would take years, and said their people are working on a better way.)

Customer service also told me I could tell them which images weren’t to my liking and they’d take them to their technicians. I might take them up on this, though it will require going through all the images again, and I really just want it well and done so I can move on to other things. I will have to send them though workflow to archive anyway.

I’m not regretting sending the images to scancafe, as it would have been about $1500 anywhere else. We’ll see how the job turns out in the end. Who knows? I might be perfectly happy. 🙂

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  1. Oh, Kirigalpoththa, I woke up wondering this myself! Then I checked my mail and saw your comment. I’m so tired of looking at them all (the sheer volume is overwhelming) and I’m not even sure when I’ll get the DVDs from India. I’m learning a new asset management system, and will process all these as such, which will take time. I don’t want to think about any of this while in Australia, which means that it may not happen til spring! Oi.

    Right now, the photos live on their site, and are arranged so that they can’t be downloaded (only half the images are paid for at the outset, so they don’t allow downloading of images you might not choose and pay for, as only 50% of all sent have to be purchased. I’ve deleted about 33% so far). That’s why I’ve been using screen shots to illustrate the experience.

    I do hope to finish the Sri Lanka pics before I leave. Not that many more to edit.

    🙂 ~A

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