scancafe update from a quality manager


NYC is rainy today. Inspired me to buy the domain (Above pic: Brooklyn Bridge, 14 August 2008.) Here’s the scancafe update of the day:

Dear Anastasia,

I just wanted to inform you that I have found some quality issues with the images of your order which we have observed during my quality audit. I am personally involved in reprocessing the images in your order. Please allow 3-4 business days for us to complete this process. We will upload the reprocessed images online and will inform you through email once it is ready for your review. I sincerely apologize for any inconvenience that this may have caused.

Best Regards,

Quality Manager
Image processing center

This is good. I’m just hoping like mad that the 1936 images I deleted are still deleted, and I can review whatever has been corrected (yes, I requested this in an email), because I just can’t bear going through all 5783 images again. I been through them about 1.2 times. I also hope the Pakistan pics are found. Yay. (I also hope that I get the DVDs back before I leave for Australia.)

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