scancafe and nudity ~ ha

So, scancafe is still finishing my order. So much for getting the images back before I go to Australia.

In case you have any nudes in your collection you want scanned, check out scancafe’s terms and conditions. I looked around for this before I sent my images but all I found on the site was that my privacy was paramount, which I (incorrectly) interpreted to mean—no problem.

When going through the scans I noticed that the negs of a series from days in the co-ops at U.C. Berkeley had been censored. When I lived at Casa Zimbabwe as a first-year, a few guys in the industrial kitchen started playing around. One unzipped (but not unbuttoned) his pants, placed a pork sausage from the freezer on the table in front of him, and starting hacking at it with a cleaver, making suitable tortured expressions. These weren’t scanned.

I told my friend Biju, more amused than anything as I don’t particularly want these pics digitized, and she said, “My god, it’s India. Have you seen their movies? Come on! It’s not like it’s Pakistan.” I agreed.

Some other nudes were missing as well, and I mentioned it to the quality control person now dealing with me on the order. He pointed me to their policy, and I replied, okay, I didn’t see that. They’d do well to include the information in their FAQ, which is where I had looked for it. Who reads all the fine points of the terms and conditions? Yes, the photos are mine to scan. No, scancafe doesn’t have rights to them. Okay, cool. I also asked why the kitchen images weren’t included as there was no nudity at all. Did they think he was castrating himself inch-by-inch as I photographed? Ha. Right.

Furthermore, on Oct 27 they said it would take 3-4 business days to complete my order (the rescanning). Today is business day 8 and they still aren’t done. Good grief.

(It also takes them about 2 business days to respond to anything.) Eeergh.

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