thumbprint on my scans

Okay, I’d hoped I was done. But it seems I won’t be until I go through all these scans. Scancafe claims to “clean, color correct and scan each one by hand.” Check out the thumbprint on the top left of this scan. (Photo: changing rail gauge on border of Lithuania and Poland.) This is the kind of thing you don’t notice until you see the images large, working with them one at a time.

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  1. Hi Anastasia,

    We knew each other way back when at the co-op in Berkeley. I was thinking of that time the other day, and then I poked around and found your site, and I have to say I just kept reading and reading and reading. You worked with Jon Cabat Zinn? Wow. In any event, best wishes to you and your continued flourishing. I have such extremely fond memories. You really brightened my day.


    1. hi, Dave! Ha—funny timing. CZ has come up a lot in the last few weeks. Iowa, eh? Very nice little town. Glad you like the site, to keep reading and reading and reading. 😉 I’m a bit surprised you’re impressed by J Kabat-Zinn. Good on you. I recall you and Jim being constantly baffled and annoyed that I refused to accept your existential arguments. That was long ago. The drunken philosophers. Thanks for the comment. Great to see you again, if only virtually. ~A

  2. Oh my god. It’s really Anastasia! I don’t think I fully believed it until there was an exchange. First, let me add an actual comment re: Scancafe, otherwise it’s cheating. I hate those guys. I wish that I was a photographer so that I could write them and say, “what the hell?” Second, that was almost 20 years ago when I was making those arguments! I bet they were pretty good, but etc. I was lucky enough to meet Kabat-Zinn when he visited the UI Mindfulness program a few years ago. I had some pretty bad stress and anxiety problems that came to a head when I was on the tenure-track, and the mindfulness program caused a real paradigm-shift in my thinking. Some of my current research and writing (on the philosopher Spinoza) is on the dangers of ignoring our embodiment, and pursuing story-lines instead of being present.

    Iowa City is very nice. It’s a college town, with lots of funky artsy kinds of places and lots of crazy intellectuals, though it’s not the big city. I lived in Chicago for a few years before I got the job here, and that was something. And it’s only three hours away.

    I saw from one of your photos that you still wear great glasses. You are about as substantial as they come, and I can say that now with almost twice as many years of perspective. I will write again and check the blog, but I have to go and attend to my 20-month old; her name is Mira Grey. She is my little joy.


  3. Okay, I’m laughing. 20 years ago?! That would make us, let’s see, almost 40, and because I’m only 29, your math is off (i.e. shhhhhhhhhh! haHa).

    I love what you’ve said about JKZ, and I’m going to share it with a yoga class today. Lots of PhD candidates (a few from the philos dept), though more grad students from law, business, hard sciences, and international affairs. It’s as if yoga is too wooey for the soft arts/sciences. Danger zone. I’m so charmed and impressed that Kabat-Zinn was helpful and had such an impact on both life and work—I know the tenure thing is hell. He’s truly amazing and I adore him as a person and teacher. Were there but more like him out there!

    Yes, I passed through Iowa City on a road trip in ’06. Thought it lovely and very livable, if a bit far from the ocean. They have the great writing MFA program there, no? I’m a bit over the big city, though addicted as well.

    Thanks for the very kind words, and giant congrats on Mira! Lovely name. Lisa D has a little boy. Sherry A and Jennifer J are still in CA. All are well. (I think I’ll email after this comment, this is going on a bit long.) And I’m going to post the next photo in your honor. I archived it just last week!

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