to dave, jena, reconnecting, and the internet

Yosemite National Park, March, 1992.

The other day, Dave (front, eating smore) from the Berkeley years, found my site and commented. We haven’t been in touch since the early 90s. Was great timing, as I just archived this photo last week. I put the other photos from that camping trip up on flickr.

The same day, Jena, another old college friend found me on my yoga blog. She blogs, too. Wow. Better than assbook!

14 thoughts on “to dave, jena, reconnecting, and the internet

  1. I have vivid memories — this trip was the stuff of legend — but I also have memories of the photographs themselves, and I had assumed that they were just lost forever. I just keep looking at them.

  2. I turn 42 years in less than three hours. Looking at this photos is the best possible birthday present that I could receive. Bless Anastasia for posting them.

    Anastasia — you are unforgettable.

  3. Hey there — not too thick at all. Dave called me today to wish a happy b-day, and we spent most of the time talking about you and your pictures. Only a little philosophy, if you can believe that.

  4. @Jena—no, I have no photos of you! In uni most of my pics are of people I lived with and trips. 🙁

    @Dave—are professors allowed to blog? I know only one who does so anonymously. Somehow you are not on my bday calendar. When is it? Is it early April? 🙂

    @Jim—you are at Northwestern now? So you guys are fairly close geographically. I’d forgotten you are polysci. I thought phil, too.

    @D&J—Are you in touch with any other CZers? Jennifer J says hello. She’s a public defender in SF. Just bought a Harley. Cannot wait to go steal it. I would email Sherry (Sheherezade) this comment link, but she would be nauseated by your flattery, heh heh.

  5. I want to put an end to this “flattery” and “putting it on too thick” nonsense once and for all. Flattery (unless I am mistaken) is a matter of exaggerating the positive features of a person, in such a way that when we subtract an accurate description of the person from the flattery, there is some remainder. Now I challenge you to locate even a single instance in which this has occurred.

    All that we are doing is thinking about a remarkable time and some unbelievably exceptional people, and feeling really good.

  6. Oh good. I like this business about feeling really good—what’s better than that?—and unbelievably exceptional people. The plural feels better. Do not like so much attention on me. 🙂 Who else are you in touch with? AND WHEN IS YOUR BIRTHDAY?!

    This is Sherry’s blog.

    1. Dave, you have not changed a bit. October 28? Really?? I never knew that. October 28 is Dilshod’s birthday, and I’m certain that he was my first October 28. So you and Jim were born at opposite ends of the year.

  7. Let’s DO IT! We’ll need to find people beyond the obvious ones like Emil and Sanchez. I wonder if Anastasia knows where anyone lives? Or perhaps if she has more pictures, we could look at them to get ideas of Czers we may have forgotten.

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