2010:grandma’s dress:nyc

Another break from Lithuania, and the archiving. I rarely shoot selfies but it’s been a big weekend. I wore my grandmother’s dress for the first time Friday night. My sister gave it to me in 2006 from Grandma’s closet (her pink bedroom with homemade dolls and her urn with the elephant Grandpa glued on top are featured in “grandpa’s house”) when they were clearing the house. The closet was still full, though she died seven years earlier in 1999. The dress isn’t quite her style, so we aren’t sure the story behind it. Judging from the hems, it’s clearly homemade, probably by her or one of her five sisters (there were nine kids in all). Not sure why I waited so long to wear it. It’s amazing.

Oran Warren and Euphemia Francis. May, 1991.

6 thoughts on “2010:grandma’s dress:nyc

  1. You really look a lot like your grandfather, though to be sure it’s a very amusing thought to have while actually looking at his photo. What a gorgeous dress. It’s a piece of art. Can’t think of anything else to add.

  2. You look great sweetie! It’s a beautiful dress. Your boy is a lucky man! How ’bout some pictures of you two? I haven’t gotten to meet him yet.

  3. Kylie, you’ll just have to visit your motherland, won’t you! Ya, I rarely talk about Andrea or post pics here out of respect for our privacy. (Though it may seem subjective, I do have blogging boundaries, believe it or not. :)) But there are lots on assbook, so check us out there.

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