pontoon bridge, karakalpakstan


I’ve now archived (and keyworded) 1670 photos. My bum hurts from sitting. I’ve barely begun. I remembered and located an excel file full of info about my shoots in 1999-2000, so I have detailed dates. I love that, though it’s more info to key in. I took this photo ten years ago Thursday (May 6). This pontoon bridge leads up to (what remains of the) Aral Sea, from Urgench, in Uzbekistan. That’s where we were headed. The light there is always this harsh and flat. Oh, what a land.

2 thoughts on “pontoon bridge, karakalpakstan

    1. Waa! Thanks, Kylie. I’m tired. The aral sea photos are crazy-depressing. Who the hell irrigates the DESERT to grow cotton, the thirstiest plant out there? It used to be the fourth-largest inland sea on Earth. No more. Anyway, thank you. Sweetness helps the crankiness. 🙂 xo

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