your ¿facebook friends? and the tin eye

cassian“He’s cute. Hmm. Sultry, even. I’m quite sure I don’t know him,” I thought upon receiving a facebook friend request from Cassian von Hohenlohe. Oh, interesting. He has only six friends—so few, considering he went to high school at the Lyceum Alpinum Zuoz and college at Cambridge University. What fine institutions. What a worldly man. But perhaps he too uses a bit of discretion when accepting friend requests.

Instead of just deleting this questionable fellow, as I usually do, I left him there, awaiting response. After all, he does enjoy surfing, free climbing, scuba diving, marathon running, and flying airplanes. Very sexy. Very versatile. Very believable.

Like most born before 1985, I’m very confused by social networking etiquette. When I used to receive requests from people I didn’t know, I’d reply, “Do I know you?” Until I read, on elephant journal, I believe, that this is a very rude and hurtful practice. Oh. So then, like Kate Miller-Heidke, I simply ignored and deleted these requests. Until Mr. von Hohenlohe, whose unlikely profile brought the Tin Eye to my suspicious mind. I left him there unconfirmed for three months, until I made time to write this. He’s still there, arms-crossed and waiting, now with 57 friends and the same profile pic.

Of course I have younger friends who make status updates like, “I have a facebook friend called Krystal Chandelier,” which I believe implies that she doesn’t know Ms. Chandelier. After reading about how a health insurance company denied Nathalie Blanchard therapy benefits because they saw photos posted on facebook of her having fun on the beach, and how creditors and other busybodies are creating fake profiles with attractive photos to spy on people and hunt them down, I became even more stringent.

Because his request amused me, I downloaded Mr. von Hohenlohe’s photo and uploaded it into the Tin Eye. The Tin Eye is a reverse image search engine. “You can submit an image to TinEye to find out where it came from, how it is being used, if modified versions exist…” (from Try it. It’s fun. (We call it the photographer’s bodyguard.)


Results? It looks like a Sean Patrick Flanery might not be too impressed either. Mr. Flanery was not born in Stuttgart, Germany, but Lake Charles, Louisiana. According to his website, he’s an actor who “attended the University of St. Thomas in Houston, where he took a drama class because of a girl. The girl was a short infatuation, but he found true love in college theater. He moved to Los Angeles and…” No mention of a European start or a penchant for skinny dipping (though it seems he did star as Indiana Jones on teevee).

Please don’t suggest that Cassian posted this photo of Sean Patrick as his celeb doppelganger shot for “Facebook Celebrity Doppelganger Week” (what, you didn’t play?), as it ended six months before Cassian joined. And it’s his only profile pic. And a Google search for “Cassian von Hohenlohe” (with quotes) results in only six links, all to Facebook.

I’ll refrain from wondering who this Cassian character really is and just hope I was selected to be his friend at random. What a fine mixture of creepiness and hilarity.

2 thoughts on “your ¿facebook friends? and the tin eye

  1. My friend just got a request from a sultry male tin eye linked with a message that said “hey sexy, I like you <3" I'm guessing I inspired the "krystal chandelier" thing? haha. I guess I shouldn't just friend anyone with my last name…

  2. Oh, Ms Rosie Chandelier, were you but my only friend a bit wet behind the ears my life would be very dull. hahaha. I would be very wary about befriending someone with my last name, if only because it’s quite likely a relation. Definitely high risk. 😉

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