bohemian rhapsody on the ukulele

Someone once told me that Bohemian Rhapsody should never be covered. This is a bit old, but it’s yet another bit of evidence to the contrary. Yet again, I’m not moved to explain how my Freddy/Queen fetish was sparked during a stats midterm, but it will happen someday. For now, Jake Shimabukuro is entertainment enough.

If you haven’t watched other stuff on TED, you should. It’s like PBS for the 21st century.

4 thoughts on “bohemian rhapsody on the ukulele

  1. Thanks for sharing this. I grew up in Hawaii and now live and write (Lonely Planet Hawaii books and a yoga blog: in Vancouver, BC. I, too, first discovered yoga at UC Berkeley; I am now teaching and training in the Iyengar method. I stumbled upon your blog doing an unrelated Google search. Interesting trajectory in your yoga and life path.

  2. Thanks, YogaSpy! Your blog is great. Hawaii to Vancouver? Gorgeous places, both. What a charmed life! We have even more in common–I used to write for TimeOut guides. I’ll keep an eye on your blog. Thanks for dropping a line. ~A

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