the behavior of modern men

HM781In the past few weeks, I’ve been cheered and amused by much chatter with a straight male friend. As we know, good hetero-friendships are hard to come by and should be cherished. It is not from anyone else you will get candid words like these, written by a straight man, about straight men:

“I think the behavior of men has changed over the past decade or so. I know that things never really change. But somehow I find that men are way more annoying now. I don’t remember it being like this when I was a kid. Men were scrappy and ill-behaved, but now they are way too into themselves and sanctimonious and a bit precious, while at the same time being rudely obvious about their sexual predations. And it is kind of sickening. They are all namby-pambies who think the world of themselves.”

Oh dear. A bit harsh, but a bit accurate as well. Not all men, of course, but it does seem the modern trend. I have to say this amused me to no end. As it did the ten or so girlfriends I thought might enjoy it. And now, you.

Any self-defense in the comments will be savored.

6 thoughts on “the behavior of modern men

  1. your friend’s assessment is hilarious and all too true although I have to say modern young women are just as loathesome as men. can’t stand ’em. pull up the drawbridge!

    1. Ever hilarious and more than right, TT. I can’t agree with you more.

      Aw, I was practicing when you wrote, Owl. Wait, does this mean mysore is called the “candy store” because of all the hot yogis? (I’ve been to India but not Mysore.) Oh dear.

      I know. I know. Decorum. My god, it’s yoga. That said, my students are the loveliest and non-ookiest straight-guy students around. And teachers, too. We are lucky to have lots of good ones in the fold. 🙂

      ps I love this and must get to commenting on it: “But Shinzen is impish about pain: he suggests one enjoy personal insults because the zing they send through the emotional body ‘feels like a massage.’”

  2. Hugs from the Mysore “candy store.” I love men. My best friends are straight men. But damn if some of the so called yoga teacher guys here don’t creep the living daylights out of me. Sad.

  3. Hot and on vacation… for a long, long, time.

    But I dunno. It was only when I was having one really bad week that I noticed. At the same time, the heat and the downtime make for a small number of very deep friendships for those who have some discrimination about what company to keep, and how.

    More soon. Percolating on Yogaworks….


  4. Yes, absolutely. Discrimination in all things makes a huge difference regarding overall quality of life.

    Hot and on vacay are the things of my dreams.

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