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content to have missed the fall

Building before collapse, 8th Ave

I took this photo on a walk at about 4:30p yesterday, and walked back this way an hour later as winds were really kicking up. The building at the far right behind the bus signs lost its facade sometime after 6p. I am content to have missed the big moment.

Safe and dry, but haven’t had power since about 8:47p last night. Am at a friend’s on the UES, where it feels like nothing happened, charging my phone battery and gathering info before I head back downtown to candles, walnuts, and an evening practice.

Stay safe everyone.

i don’t care if it’s real. i love it

full_1298140395egyptsupportswiEgyptians Turn Out to Support Wisconsin Counterparts. Fantastic. In other pressing news on GoodCulture, Dan Loewenherz has created a facebook app that will inform you when your crushes become single. Wow do people have time on their hands.

For some reason I feel compelled to give some Judith Martin-style relationship advice. Word to the wise: Do not friend potential, even desired, romantic partners on facebook. Really. Don’t.