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hey, look

downtown power out

Hey look, people uptown prancing about like you have a few fun days off work. We Have No Power Downtown. No streetlights. No hot water. No internet. The paltriest phone reception. No computers. No cold food. No ELECTRICITY. It’s not fun. It’s not charming to work by candlelight on halloween.

And I’m not grumpy because the city looks sad without lights.Or because it’s superdangerous to walk around after dusk with no streetlights (cars won’t stop) and no way to see who’s lurking on street corners. Or because my tooth just broke on Two Boots and I’m trying not to ram my tongue between the raw root and the exposed mercury filling. Or because my dentist is in Queens and there is no subway or moving traffic. Awesomeville. Or because my flight to a beach might be cancelled on Saturday.

I’d just like to take a look at my photos. That’s all. Not the cell snaps. With electricity.

Thank you uptowners who have provided love, electricity, communications, and showers for your downtown friends.

Happy Halloween.