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sri lanka photos, part iii

The third photo essay is finished! (Again, the controls are bottom right. > is play, <- is back, -> is forward.) There may be five essays instead of four, in all. It’s too pretty a country to edit down further. There’s no narration in this show. Instead, if you care, read the image titles. I’m going to try to post the main features along the way with a few stories, a bit at a time. It was mostly fun to edit them and recall just how gorgeous the trip was—almost seven months ago now.

After eleven nights at ashtangalanka, Samantha, the manager, took us to on Ella. He guides people fairly often and is good at it. He took us to the Buduruwagala Temple (Buddhist) and Ravana Falls en route (photos are in the slideshow). Samantha is quite frank and hilarious. He gave us his view of the history and dynamics at ashtangalanka, which Andrea and I enjoyed immensely. Samantha actually owns the land and Fred rents from him in an interesting relationship that is fairly common in Sri Lanka because the government taxes foreigners 100% of the property value if they buy land. The altnernative is what Fred has done with Samantha—he’s leased the land for 99 years, with a tax of 7%.

A bit on the Buduruwagala Temple tomorrow.