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charging $5

HurricaneSandy-1-2Bastard opportunists at The UPS Store on Eighth Ave and 26th Street, the first block with power in Manhattan. Don’t shop there. Lots of places in the upper twenties allow charging for free, churches, cafes, etc. Power strips abound. Generators are popping up, too.

Oh, in case you didn’t lose power and don’t follow, it’s for charging your cell phones, laptops, etc. Phones drain fast with only one bar of occasional reception.

So, yeah. My tooth broke on day four of the blackout. I made it to the dentist the next day, to be told it needed to be ripped out and replaced with an implant and crown. It’s the second to last tooth in the back of my mouth, pretty crucial for chewing. Though I have dental insurance that covers $3000 of work a year, they won’t cover it. It’s “cosmetic.” Yeah, EmblemHealth-GHI thinks that basic dental health is cosmetic. So, I’m out $3100 and have a mouth full of blood. And I can’t get the crown ($1000 more?) for a few months. It’s painful, gross, and maddening. Thank you, Mo, for taking care of me until lights come on and my mouth is happy again.

When told about the blood, T told me not to worry. “Don’t worry about all the blood. It’s cosmetic.”

And the election is days away? Heaven help us.

Some heartening things going on? Bareburger, on Eighth Ave between 17th St & 18th St, one of the very few restaurants open in Chelsea, was grilling burgers on the street.


And hey, I’ve been meaning to defrost my freezer for awhile, anyway. Done.


settling into the new home

California_1992-10_Rochdale004Photo: bedroom closet of my first apartment, in Berkeley, California. 1992.

Good word, after seven months of “I’m moving,” I’ve moved. After 8¼ years in Washington Heights in upper Manhattan, seven of which were happily lived in an art deco building near Fort Tryon Park, I’ve moved downtown. It’s incredible. I’m still settling in. Still, of course, archiving photos. I’m just entering 2003 in the archives.

Plenty to write about re: 2010, as it was a high drama move on many counts, but instead I will settle in quietly and post an old photo of my relatively huge closet (relative to that of my new place) in my first apartment circa 1992. It was a little 3-bedroom in Rochdale Village, part of the Berkeley Co-ops. Nice light, good space, not much charm. It was just behind the now defunct Cody’s Books on Telegraph (ugh), where I spent loads of time. I lived with an excellent friend I still love to visit (she moved east as well). Decided to move to New York while in that space. Obviously full of good vibes.