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the behavior of modern men

HM781In the past few weeks, I’ve been cheered and amused by much chatter with a straight male friend. As we know, good hetero-friendships are hard to come by and should be cherished. It is not from anyone else you will get candid words like these, written by a straight man, about straight men:

“I think the behavior of men has changed over the past decade or so. I know that things never really change. But somehow I find that men are way more annoying now. I don’t remember it being like this when I was a kid. Men were scrappy and ill-behaved, but now they are way too into themselves and sanctimonious and a bit precious, while at the same time being rudely obvious about their sexual predations. And it is kind of sickening. They are all namby-pambies who think the world of themselves.”

Oh dear. A bit harsh, but a bit accurate as well. Not all men, of course, but it does seem the modern trend. I have to say this amused me to no end. As it did the ten or so girlfriends I thought might enjoy it. And now, you.

Any self-defense in the comments will be savored.