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(called Persia until 1935)


My favorite guidebook is A Travel Guide to Iran by MT Faramarzi, though I'm not sure it's available outside of Iran.

tour agencies:
I worked with Iran Doostan locally, and they were overall quite good and reasonably priced. Request their excellent guide, Amin Badakhshan, and fantastic driver, Javad Tavakolian.

The list is a bit dated.

CIA Factbook
Iran Access
Iran Online
Iran Yellow Pages
Iran Mania
L.C. Country Study

Map taken from the CIA World Factbook

USA/Jebhe Melli Iran
—Iran's main secular pro-democracy organization.
akhtasa—a persian blog
Robyn's World of Iranian Dance
Niva Kedem - lovely work by an Israeli photographer. Unrelated to Iran but worth mention and a look.


Map taken from the CIA World Factbook

The best guidebook is Uzbekistan by Odyssey Guides. I also like Cadogan's Central Asia; it's much better for general history and anecdotes than hard travel information, so no matter that it's a bit outdated.

A must read is Tom Bissell's Chasing the Sea: Lost Among the Ghosts of Empire in Central Asia. It's a clear read that will ground you in the history and temperament of Uzbekistan. You might guess I've developed quite a crush on Rustam. Thank heavens, Bissell gets it.

David Remnick's Lenin's Tomb, which merited a Pulitzer, is largely about the breakup of the Soviet Union. It's not heavy on Central Asia, but an understanding of the USSR is fundamental in grasping the current landscape. When I left Victor's copy in a marshrut-taxi in Samarkand, I felt like I'd lost a wise old friend.

Many others to be added when time permits.

tour agencies:
The status and quality of these places change constantly, but one reliable place is also a guesthouse in Bukhara, Lyabi House. I worked with many excellent local guides and drivers in Uzbekistan, so if you'd like more information about reaching them, contact me.

CIA Factbook
Freenet Uzbekistan


Bukhara Net
Library of Congress Country Study


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